Brisbane City Council’s Kerbside Collection Services Postponed

Brisbane City Council's Kerbside Collection Services Postponed

Brisbane: Today, Brisbane’s city council announced that all kerbside collection services have been “postponed” until July 2022. Although no official reason for the postponement has been given, the move will save the local economy more than $13 million, which will then be spent on “recovery initiatives” that will help the Brisbane area during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced that during this kerbside collection postponement, every Brisbane household will receive “waste vouchers” which will help residents to still dispose of waste. Although the vouchers will be of great help in many ways, they will not be of any assistance if you are looking to get rid of a large appliance or major object.

The city council advises Brisbane residents looking into other resources to get rid of their large household waste and help keep the environment healthy and green. A landfill dump should be the last resort for getting rid of your waste. Instead, there are plenty of other options that the Brisbane City Council recommends such as:

Seeking out a council tip shops. These businesses sell secondhand goods donated by residents and are all operated by the Endeavour Foundation. Proceeds from the tip shops support local people with disabilities. Additionally, donating to a tip shop is free when you use the Council’s resource recovery centers

GIVIT is a national non-profit organization that helps those in need when they are looking for goods and services. Through GIVIT, you can donate almost all of the household items that you are looking to dispose of. As long as they are in good condition, GIVIT will find a second home for your items

Donating to local friends or family instead of simply tossing out the items you no longer need. Searching online is a great way to find a new home for a secondhand item. The city council advises that you search out among your social circles before you decide to toss an object.

Resource Recovery Centres

Donating to Charitable Recycling Australia is a great way to get rid of an old item or objects you no longer need. This organization will take clothing, furniture, household and workplace items that have overstayed their welcome with you

If you do wish to still dispose of the items during the kerbside postponement, you also have options, the council states. You could use a pro rubbish and waste removal expert, who will get their hands dirty on your behalf and will pick up and dispose of any object no matter the size or quality.  Many local rubbish companies have a whole fleet of vehicles ready to be loaded up with your waste and taken to the proper locations. You do not have to deal with the messy disposal or clean-up process. Instead, the entire affair will be handled with complete and minimal stress from you.

Rubbish removal companies can handle almost all domestic and commercial waste and they have experts who understand just how to get rid of these objects with ease. They can also handle all forms of green waste too and can do it all for an affordable price point. Their services have assisted residents all over the greater Brisbane area for years now and their presence will only grow as the postponement continues into 2022.