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Local Brisbane Roofer adds new Colorbond Roof Replacement Service

Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane is set to launch the new COLORBOND roof replacement service, which is an improvement from the previous ones. The new metal roof restoration provides metal COLORBOND roof restoration using Bluescope steel. This addition is necessary following the call from customers to provide additional services. Liam Carter from Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane stated, “we have formed a new strategic partnership with Colorbond and decided to start using their products for our roof replacement services.” This partnership benefits all parties involved and would go a long way in standardizing roofing practices in the country.

Local Brisbane Roofer adds new Colorbond Roof Replacement Service

COLORBOND steel roof is a tested Australian brand

COLORBOND steel roof is a tested Australian brand, and experts confirm it delivers an outstanding performance. The product comes in 22 colors depending on the one that complements your building. Experts say the colors can be mix and matched. These colors also make your home cooler, even on sunny days. This feature may not apply to many roofing types like tiles. Henry Robinson discovered corrugated iron in the first half of the 19th century. He realized that corrugating a thin piece of iron created a lightweight and strong building material. Today, his invention is a household name in Europe and Australia.

COLORBOND steel was first manufactured in 1966; since then, it has evolved greatly. Not only has the color range expanded to what it is now, but there is also more sophistication in the production of the material. This roof option is available for commercial, industrial, and private buildings. Since this invention is patented, it is unique to Bluescope. Therefore, prospective clients are assured of the authentic products directly from the manufacturer.

The harsh Australian environment means that the roofs must be maintained regularly. However, latest inventions like the COLORBOND steel is designed to endure the harsh weather in the country. It is manufactured with five layers of protection that makes it last longer. The roof is coated with the industry-leading enhanced corrosion-resistant Activate technology and is further equipped with a baked-on topcoat, primer, and pre-treatment.

Colorbond Steel is Sustainable

This steel is also sustainable as it uses 100% recyclable materials. Its assurance of longevity also means that it can be used for longer, thereby minimizing its harmful effects on the environment. In most cases, it is reused without reprocessing, saving energy and resources. Kindly note that choosing the right roofing material and color could mean you could save or spend more on energy bills. All the colors in the COLORBOND except Night Sky are equipped with the Thermatech solar reflectance technology. The solar absorptance of the colors varies depending on the color. However, our team at Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane will advise you accordingly.

Curb appeal is one factor we cannot take out from the choice of roofing sheets. While having a modern look experts say using the right roofing sheet increases the value of a property. The five-layer protection is ideal for schools, industries, homes, markets, offices, and other commercial buildings.

Why Homeowners Switch to Colorbond Roofing

While more homeowners are switching to COLORBOND roofing, it boils down to personal preference. Tiles are a more conventional option favored by many. They have been used for over 75 years in Australia, are gradually losing relevance. The lightweightness of COLORBOND outweigh tiles and other competitors. However, you might consider a few considerations before choosing them. Since they are sound proof, you don’t hear the drip-drop noise of the rain, and this might be bothersome for nature lovers.

More homeowners would stick to COLORBOND in 2022 and beyond because:

  • It is easy to clean
  • It is built for the Australian weather
  • It is durable
  • It requires low maintenance
  • Steel doesn’t attract insect or pests

The process of COLORBOND roof restoration include:

  • Inspection and accessing damaged roof
  • Preparing the site for the work by scaffolding and installing safety equipment.
  • Preparing the treatment of the site to eradicate algae, lichen, and mold.
  • Priming and sealing.
  • Double coating of the roof membrane where necessary.
  • Finishing stage where the roof is painted.

Depending on project size and weather conditions, these processes take 2-5 days. The process of restoring an old roof is less expensive than replacing it. However, new roofing sheets increases the value of the property.

About Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane

About Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane

From top-quality repairs to restoration services and brand-new replacements, you can count on our team of experts to get the job done in time. our experts will handle everything from installation, handling, and approvals required by Brisbane City Council. We’ll keep you involved every step of the way as you watch your vision come to life.  You can request a free consultation and quote to get started.

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5 Reasons Why Community Matters for Business

Why Community Matters for Business

The Importance of Creating A Community

5 Reasons Why Community Matters for Business

As we were walking, my friend and I, through the fruit garden, I noticed an orange fruit that was ripe and tried to reach for it. However, I was not tall enough to reach for it. But with help of a friend, he lifted me up and I reached for it.

If he was not there I could not have enjoyed its sweetness. Community is a phrase we are hearing more and more in the business world. It’s becoming increasingly important as we focus more on partnerships, collaboration, and positive work culture.

Unity is strength and with this motive, business owners should really encourage working together to achieve enormous success and it is with this concept that community takes a great role in growth of our businesses.

Reasons for community involvement in your business are:

1. A sense of belonging

Business Community provides unique support network for both businesses and individuals lending a feeling of being connected and acceptable before your peers. This is crucial for your personal growth and developments making you have confidence to take risks and exploring new ideas on how to grow your business as a professional. Having a voice and a say in society puts your business at a better place to establish and grow itself.

2. Professional growth

Dynamic community management corporations attract quality businesses, employers and employees who seek an environment that is thriving and often increases opportunities for collaboration and growth. Business get support from organization managing community so it is crucial that management corporation have entrepreneurial mindsets as it implements new projects.

Getting help when you need  is a reason why community is important. There are a lot of skills and expertise that cut across spectrum of business owners. Invariably there will be people who are better at some things than others. We learn from each other and find mentors and inspirations that help drive us forward growth.

3. Mutual support

Our lives depend on relationships. Owning a business is no different. They exist as an extension of their local communities and every personal interaction is about building relationships. When an entire community supports one another, there is business enough to go round and competition is not an issue.

In a community you find entrepreneurs who have already achieved what you have set for your business and getting help from those who have been before you direct an easy success towards thriving of business. Check here The importance of mutual support.

We turn to our friends and family for support during hard times; ask for advice, get recommendations, and rely on each other to achieve our goals. Business is part of heartbeat of a larger community.

Business Community for Business

4. Access to resources

Resources are what make a business valuable and accessing them when you need them make all difference when encountering challenges that arise over lifetime of a business.

To have them you need a community which you have a mutual relationship for growth of your firm. In this partner ecosystem you surround your firm with professionals who know your market and fund your business with raw materials and in turn you supply them with raw materials.

5. Increased customer rate

Business defines communities as much as they define them, and no one can succeed without other. Whether your business category is retail, restaurant, office, co-working, professional or something else, consumers identify with branded areas.

Actually, community creates demand for your products and services. It allows a dynamic critical mass that draws people and ultimately increasing foot traffic to that area. This allows entrepreneurs to capitalize on increasing sales and establishing rapport with new customers and maintaining older ones.


Ingredients of a successful business are from community. Being part of a community really matters as largest free network for business is access to information, building relationships, supporting one another and sharing resources.…

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