Tips For A Pest Free Kitchen

Due to recent stories of pest infestations in commercial kitchens throught the restaurant industry, a local exterminator from Australia provided us with some helpful tips on keeping your kitchen pest-free. Mr Adam Love who is a licensed pest management professional from Pro Pest Control Sydney advised all homeowners to be vigilant when keeping pests at bay. “Kitchens are a breeding ground for insects and creepy crawlies because of the food scraps that get left behind”, he said. “If you only do one things to help alleviate the pest problem, make sure you keep your kitchen clean at all time. Wipe up leftovers and clean benchtops after every meal” he stated.

The one place you cannot afford a pest infection in is the kitchen. It’s where you cook, and you wouldn’t want unhygienic food. Pest infection is more common than you would think in kitchens, and rats and cockroaches are often a concern.

How could you prevent it from happening?

The Top 10 Tips for a Pest-Free Kitchen

These simple tips could help you deal with the pest menace.

  1. Seal all crevices

Cracks in the walls allow easy passage for pests and insects. Even missing tiles and pipe gaps can create a hole big enough for pests to enter. To prevent this, examine your house for wall cracks and get them sealed as soon as possible.

Best 10 Tips For A Pest Free Kitchen

  1. Screen up chimney vents

If you face difficulty in sealing off an opening, opt for specialist screens or vents that help do the job efficiently. Remember to repair and replace them often so that pests cannot take advantage of a broken vent.

  1. Store Food Properly

If you are worried that your house is vulnerable to pests and insects, store all your food in lockable containers. You can keep the jars and bottles in a locked cupboard as well. Use utensils made of ceramic and steel which cannot be easily invaded. You can check the wikihow guide to know how to store food properly.

  1. Clear all your surfaces

When you are eating, spillage can happen – clear it up to avoid germs and insects from breeding. Clean your kitchen floor and scrub even the remotest corners daily so that no pests feel welcome to feast on the residue.

  1. Keep the lid of the garbage can on

After you have finished cooking, you may want to throw away the waste in a hurry. However, no matter how much of a rush you are in, always reposition the lid tightly so that insects cannot get access to your trash.

  1. Empty the trash once every day

We tend to postpone cleaning out the trash when we are deep in work. But delaying the disposal can often make your trash cans breeding grounds for germs. Make a daily habit of taking out your garbage so there isn’t any unnecessary accumulation.

  1. Open your windows

Damp spaces, in particular, help in the growth of pests and insects. They look for a warm, humid place to take refuge, and your food storage compartments are ideal.

Keep your windows open so that the sunlight filters in and kills some of the bacteria. However, do not forget to screen your windows if you want to keep them open.

  1. Always use a spray

Invest in a good household insecticide sprays so you can use them when you spot an unwanted insect on the kitchen floor. You might be tempted to stamp on it, but don’t as that might lead to their eggs scattering across the room.

Pest Free Kitchen

  1. Go organic

Try using natural methods before resorting to chemicals when you are trying to eliminate pests.

  1. Have regular pest inspections

Call in the professionals twice a year for a check-up and ensuing pest treatment of the entire kitchen. Take no risk when the health of your family is at stake.

There is no guarantee of avoiding a pest infestation, but you can definitely lessen the chances of it happening. Even something as simple as keeping particular herbs in your kitchen can go a long way in reducing pests.

Adam Love is a licensed pest controller in Sydney, New South Wales. To learn more or ask Mr Love a question please visit their website.