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Eco Pest Control Sydney Launches Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Services

Whenever it comes to pest control, you want to solve the problem quickly. After all, no one wants bugs, rodents, birds, and other pests to get in the way and cause problems for your home and your health. However, a quick solution might be bad for the environment, because most pest controllers, repellants, and other pesticides are often filled with chemicals that are bad for your home, yard, and the pests they want to get rid of.

Well, if you are seeking a Sydney pest control service that is also eco friendly, then you don’t need to look much longer. Eco Pest Control Sydney has launched environmentally friendly pest control services. They focus on green pest control products and pest management to ensure that your pest problems are solved but your environment is kept eco friendly.

But how do environmentally friendly pest control services work? What makes environmentally friendly pest control services better than the traditional services? And what is Eco Pest Control Sydney offering with their pest control services?

Eco Pest Control Sydney Launches Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Services

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Environmentally friendly pest control services are often connected to the service of Integrated Pest Management, which is a long term and environmentally sensitive plan to handle pests without disturbing or damaging the environment around them. It doesn’t just focus on removing the pests that you see right now, but also preventing pests from coming back to the area.

These management systems can keep pets from entering a building, using disease and pest resistant materials, and controlling the environment to make it hard for the pests to thrive in the area. Some of the systems can include introducing natural predators, reducing the ability of the pests to breed, and also using traps or other means of control to physically remove the pests from the environment entirely.

What Makes Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Work?

For one of the major benefits of environmentally friendly pest control, one of the benefits is that it is safe for kids and pets. For certain regular pest control methods, they are often dangerous for children and pets inside the house, necessitating them to need to be kept away from the sprayed areas or else they will get sick.

However, eco-friendly pest control does not use these harsh chemicals that can make younger children or pets sick due to them ingesting the chemicals, so you don’t need to worry about people getting sick.

Additionally, while several insects and animals can be considered pests in your home and garden, more can be beneficial and you don’t want them to be killed by the often indiscriminate pesticides. However, the environmentally friendly pest control is designed to work only on specific pests, without attacking or harming beneficial insects.

Eco-Friendly Pest Controls Have No Resistance and No Extra Harm

If you’ve ever heard of ‘Superbugs’ or germs that are resistant to standard forms of antibiotics and medication, you might understand why pests becoming resistant to some forms of pesticides will be very dangerous, especially if they can become immune. However, organic methods have no chemicals for bugs to build a resistance too, so they will be wiped out without any extra trouble.

Additionally, there have been studies of animals eating pests such as mice and bugs that have their bodies infected with pesticides. Then those predators die as well from the toxic chemicals. However, environmentally friendly pest control uses no toxins, so there will be no damage to the food chain.

This can be especially beneficial if you live in a neighborhood or home that is filled with wildlife, so that they will not be threatened by the treatments around your home.

It Can Work In Residential And Commercial Areas

While spraying pesticides can be done in residential areas without too much trouble, it can be a problem to spray for pests in commercial areas, especially in areas where food is prepared as safety can’t be guaranteed. Removing pests in a commercial area can be a problem, but Eco Pest Control Sydney promises to remove the pests both inside and outside your business without having a massive impact on your employees and customers.

This can make it a reasonable and easy to use pest control method for all types of commercial businesses, and will ensure that pests are kept away while also making sure your business remains open!

Work With Eco Pest Control Sydney To Get Good Pest Control!

Work With Eco Pest Control Sydney To Get Good Pest Control!

You can overcome your pest problem while protecting the environment at the same time, and the best way to do that if you are in Sydney is to work with Eco Pest Control. They have ecofriendly pest control that is extremely effective, and will keep your home, your health, and your entire family safe from all sorts of pests.…

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Pest Managers of the Year Winners

Pest Managers of the Year Winners

Pest Managers of the Year Winners

The recognized voice of the Australian Professional Pest Management Industry is the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA). Every year, the association votes on an individual member of the industry that deserves an award of excellence. Over time, the award has been adjusted to companies that have the following characteristics:

  • A business that is strong on customer satisfaction
  • A strong history of providing pest management services
  • The business has well-defined business goals and objectives
  • Efforts to market and promote its business
  • The business strengthens the reputation of the pest management industry overall.

Note that the requirements are adjusted every year. Visit AEPMA to find out more about the criteria for this award.

The state winners are selected following telephone interviews and questionnaires. The award provides an opportunity for pest managers to promote their business to the public and industry pairs. Not only this, but they will benefit from winning such a prestigious award by increasing their profitability and profile. The award is an excellent way for any winner to put themselves on the map within the industry, and it extends to consumers, suppliers, manufacturers, and industry governing bodies.

List of award winners from 2022-to 2012 


Professional Women in Australian Pest Management PWAPM Excellence Award: Asita Devi

Deo: Fastkil Pest Control Services

South Pacific: Fastkil Pest Control

Microbusiness: Checkmate Pest Control

Fewer than 10 employees: Envirapest

Greater than 10 employees: Winner: Rentokil Initial

Overall winner: Rentokil Initial


South Pacific Pest Manager of the Year: Rentokil Fiji

Micro Business Award: Pest Doctors

Pest Management Firm with Fewer than 10 People: Bug R Off! Pest Busters

Firm with More than 10 People: Suburban Pest Management

The Australian Pest Manager of the Year 2021: Suburban Pest Management.


Micro Business of the Year with fewer than three employees: Termitrust Pest Control, Dubbo

South Pacific Pest Manager of the Year: Rentokil Fiji

Business award Class 1 – with fewer than ten employees: Bug R Off! Pest Busters

Business award Class 2 – with ten or more employees: Rentokil Australia

2020 Pest Manager of the Year: Rentokil Australia


Individual Excellence in Professional Pest Management Award: Dr Chris Orton


Pest Manager of the Year: Termitrust

Micro Business: Riverside Pest Management

Fewer Than 10 Employees:  Multipest

More Than 10 Employees: Termitrust

South Pacific: Fastkil


National Pest Manager of the Year: Laguna Pest Control

A Pest Management Firm Employing 10 or More People: Competitive Pest Services

A Pest Management Firm with Fewer than 10 People: Laguna Pest Control

Micro-Business Award (Fewer than Three People): Australian Pest Specialist

South Pacific Pest Manager of the Year: Amalgamated Pest Control (Flick Anticimex)


The overall Pest Manager of the Year award winner: Competitive Pest Services

State Pest Manager of the Year award winners:

NSW – Competitive Pest Services

QLD – Laguna Pest Control

VIC – Specialist Termite Control

SA – Southern Suburbs Pest Control

WA – Quality Pest and Weed Solutions

Pest Manager of the Year with fewer than 5 employees: Laguna Pest Control

Pest Manager of the Year with greater than 5 employees: Competitive Pest Services

Specialist category winner: Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

South Pacific Pest Manager of the Year: Fastkil Pest Control Services


Australian Pest Manager of the Year: Pestec Pty Ltd

Pest Manager of the Year – More than 5 Employees: Pestec Pty Ltd

Less than 5 Employees: Quality Pest & Weed Solutions Pty Ltd

Pest Manager of the Year – Specialised Business Area: Specialist Termite Control Pty Ltd

NSW: Pestec Pty Ltd

VIC: Exopest

TAS: Flick Anitcimex Pty Ltd

QLD: Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

SA: Southern Suburbs Pest Control

WA: Termitrust Pest Control and Termimesh WA

Pacific Islands: Fastkil Pest Control Services


National Pest Manager of the Year 2014: Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

State Winners:

NSW: Pestec

VIC: Noah’s Ark Pest Control

QLD: Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

SA: Murray Pest Control – Jamestown

WA: Commercial Pest Control

Special Categories:

Over 5 employees: Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

Under 5 employees: Seymour Termite & Pest Management

Specialist: Specialist Termite Control


National Winner: Competitive Pest Control – NSW

NSW / ACT: Competitive Pest Control

QLD: D-Tec Pest Solutions

SA: Adams Pest Control – Adelaide

VIC /TAS: Exopest

WA / NT: Allpest

Commendation: Fastkil Pest Control Service Fiji…

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Press: 10 Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away This Summer

Press: Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away This Summer

When it comes to keeping pests away over the enjoyable summer months there are ten key things that you can do as a homeowner that will keep your home and yard pest-free. While it is always recommended to utilize the expert skills of a trained pest control technician there are a few natural remedies you can incorporate into your pest deterrent process to double up on the repelling factors. Check out the 10 Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away This Summer brought to you by Guard Pest Control in Australia.

Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away This Summer

#1 Do A Perimeter Check

The first thing that you should do is perform a standard perimeter check of your property once the winter weather breaks. Look for any cracks, burrows or holes.

These are areas where rodents and birds could find entrance into your home. Additionally, you should inspect woodpiles and sheds to check for signs of rodents, birds or insects.

If you discover disturbances or signs of pests act quickly by following these steps:

  • Investigate further to determine how many pests are present
  • Carefully extract any birds or mice if there is a limited number
  • Once it is confirmed the burrow or hole is empty you can safely secure it and seal it
  • Contact a pest control expert to properly handle the pests if you are unsure of how to remove them

#2 Utilize Peppermint To Deter Pests

Mice, rabbits, spiders and other insects typically dislike the strong scent of peppermint. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors incorporate peppermint plants around your landscaping. You can also utilize peppermint essential oil around door frames and window sills to keep insects out of the home.

#3 Perform An Interior Check Of Windows And Doors

Perform An Interior Check Of Windows And Doors

Carefully inspect all screens on windows and patio doors. Any holes can allow flies or other bugs to enter your home. Also check door sweeps for wear and tear that may have occurred over the winter months. These cracks can also allow ants and other crawling bugs easy access into your home.

#4 Secure Your Pantry

In the event that pests have broken the barrier and found a gap in a window or door sweep you must ensure your pantry is secure to keep them from seeking out easily accessible food. Food should be properly sealed and if possible stored in air tight containers.

#5 Clean With Vinegar

Insects and rodents detest the smell of vinegar. Purchase cleaners that contain vinegar or create your own with a mixture of white distilled vinegar and purified water. Add even parts of each to a reusable cleaning spray bottle.

You can add peppermint essential oil to help further deter pests and a few drops of tea tree oil as a natural anti-microbial agent in the even that any have gained access to your home and have been spotted on counters or cabinets. You can check these 5 DIY Hacks to Keep bugs away this summer From

#6 Keep Your Yard Properly Maintained

If you become lax in cutting your grass and tending to flower beds you are creating a natural habitat for rodents and pests.

#7 Keep Trash Contained

Make sure you are storing your trash in a container with a tight sealing lid. This will keep larger pests such as raccoons and possums away from your residence. Some storage ideas to prevent larger pests include:

  • Place a brick on top of a can if you notice wildlife gaining entrance
  • Store garbage cans inside of your garage or shed
  • Keep trash in tightly tied bags before the bags are placed in a trash can

#8 Secure Your Garden

Secure Your Garden From Pests

If you enjoy gardening you can bet that the bunnies and other local wildlife are also going to enjoy your gardening efforts. Make sure you use proper fencing to secure your garden. These techniques will help control garden pests:

  • Use a raised garden bed that is set off the ground
  • Wrap your garden perimeter with chicken fencing
  • Create a true fenced-in garden complete with a gate

#9 Check For And Remediate Standing Water

It is popular to have a birdbath. They are beneficial for birds to cool off on hot summer days. Birdbaths are also great garden pieces. If the water becomes stagnant then mosquitos will be drawn to them.

Make sure if you are going to utilize a birdbath that you dump it at night and add fresh water in the morning to cut back on mosquitos.

#10 Hire A Professional Exterminator

Hire A Professional Exterminator

If you are unsure of how to properly keep pests out of your yard and notice an uptick of pests in your house you will want to hire the services of a certified exterminator. Many offer all-natural approaches at pest control and removal and also offer yearly …

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Press: Best 10 Tips For A Pest Free Kitchen

Tips For A Pest Free Kitchen

Due to recent stories of pest infestations in commercial kitchens throught the restaurant industry, a local exterminator from Australia provided us with some helpful tips on keeping your kitchen pest-free. Mr Adam Love who is a licensed pest management professional from Pro Pest Control Sydney advised all homeowners to be vigilant when keeping pests at bay. “Kitchens are a breeding ground for insects and creepy crawlies because of the food scraps that get left behind”, he said. “If you only do one things to help alleviate the pest problem, make sure you keep your kitchen clean at all time. Wipe up leftovers and clean benchtops after every meal” he stated.

The one place you cannot afford a pest infection in is the kitchen. It’s where you cook, and you wouldn’t want unhygienic food. Pest infection is more common than you would think in kitchens, and rats and cockroaches are often a concern.

How could you prevent it from happening?

The Top 10 Tips for a Pest-Free Kitchen

These simple tips could help you deal with the pest menace.

  1. Seal all crevices

Cracks in the walls allow easy passage for pests and insects. Even missing tiles and pipe gaps can create a hole big enough for pests to enter. To prevent this, examine your house for wall cracks and get them sealed as soon as possible.

Best 10 Tips For A Pest Free Kitchen

  1. Screen up chimney vents

If you face difficulty in sealing off an opening, opt for specialist screens or vents that help do the job efficiently. Remember to repair and replace them often so that pests cannot take advantage of a broken vent.

  1. Store Food Properly

If you are worried that your house is vulnerable to pests and insects, store all your food in lockable containers. You can keep the jars and bottles in a locked cupboard as well. Use utensils made of ceramic and steel which cannot be easily invaded. You can check the wikihow guide to know how to store food properly.

  1. Clear all your surfaces

When you are eating, spillage can happen – clear it up to avoid germs and insects from breeding. Clean your kitchen floor and scrub even the remotest corners daily so that no pests feel welcome to feast on the residue.

  1. Keep the lid of the garbage can on

After you have finished cooking, you may want to throw away the waste in a hurry. However, no matter how much of a rush you are in, always reposition the lid tightly so that insects cannot get access to your trash.

  1. Empty the trash once every day

We tend to postpone cleaning out the trash when we are deep in work. But delaying the disposal can often make your trash cans breeding grounds for germs. Make a daily habit of taking out your garbage so there isn’t any unnecessary accumulation.

  1. Open your windows

Damp spaces, in particular, help in the growth of pests and insects. They look for a warm, humid place to take refuge, and your food storage compartments are ideal.

Keep your windows open so that the sunlight filters in and kills some of the bacteria. However, do not forget to screen your windows if you want to keep them open.

  1. Always use a spray

Invest in a good household insecticide sprays so you can use them when you spot an unwanted insect on the kitchen floor. You might be tempted to stamp on it, but don’t as that might lead to their eggs scattering across the room.

Pest Free Kitchen

  1. Go organic

Try using natural methods before resorting to chemicals when you are trying to eliminate pests.

  1. Have regular pest inspections

Call in the professionals twice a year for a check-up and ensuing pest treatment of the entire kitchen. Take no risk when the health of your family is at stake.

There is no guarantee of avoiding a pest infestation, but you can definitely lessen the chances of it happening. Even something as simple as keeping particular herbs in your kitchen can go a long way in reducing pests.

Adam Love is a licensed pest controller in Sydney, New South Wales. To learn more or ask Mr Love a question please visit their website.…

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Press: Termite Damage Is Leading Factor When Buying Queensland Homes

Termite Damage In Queensland Homes

If you live in the Brisbane or Gold Coast suburbs, you need to know about termites. Queensland has become a breeding ground for termite infestations and termite damage is now a leading factor in deciding whether to buy or turn down a property for sale.

If you who want to know what professionals in real estate and pest control industries are recommending to homeowners, here are 3 things that you should know about protecting your investment. Nicholas Favreau from Pro Pest Control Brisbane recommends every home owner or prospecive buyers to get a timber pest inspection. “We tell our customers with timber framed properties to have yearly inspections done. If you are thinking of buying a property always book a termite inspection prior to sining any contracts” Mr Favreau said. “The presence of termites will desrease the property value signnificantly”, he added.

Learn How to Detect the Presence of Termites

The first line of defense in protecting your investment is recognizing the signs of termites. Homeowners should always make sure that they are looking for problem areas like mud tunnels, skirting boards, and blistering paint.

These signs indicate that the termites have begun to eat the wood underneath the surfaces. Because there is also an increased number of infestations in these areas, homeowners must always stay on guard to identify these issues as early as possible.

Early detection will not only keep infested areas from spreading more but also save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in structural damage.

Termite Damage Is Leading Factor When Buying Queensland Homes

Correcting problems early can avoid issues such as decreased property value. These problems could result in a 25% reduction in the home’s present value and more, based on the situation.

Learn How to Prevent Infestations

Because a termite infestation can be a devastating problem, homeowners should be aware of tell-tale signs. Below are a few tips to prevent termite infestations becoming a problem:

  • Keep the home clean on the inside and outside so that there is no type of debris or other items lying around the home. Dead branches, timber, and other kinds of building materials are definitely problems. They can help to facilitate and breed these environments.
  • To keep an infestation free environment on the outside of the home, all timber and firewood must be stored in a secure place that is lifted up off of the ground. These storage places must also be made of either concrete or metal materials instead of wood materials.
  • Make sure there are no moist places present around the home. Because termites need a place that is moist to survive, the following items can present big problems:
  1. Standing water
  2. Leaks
  3. Broken pipes

These moist areas are great breeding grounds for termites. Therefore, if someone identifies a potential for termite colony development, these environments must be fixed and corrected immediately. Check more here.

Termite Damage Is Leading Factor

Call in Professionals for Treatment

If you think your home could have termites contact a pest control company to inspect the property. You need a solution to correct the problems right away. One of the best ways to handle these types of problems is to hire a professional exterminator. The professional must be from the termite pest control industry. These professionals are trained in a number of different areas including the following:

  • Recognizing the signs
  • Identifying areas where they can easily hide
  • Treating the home with a treatment that will kill the entire infestation

To prevent unnecessary problems with termite infestations, it is important that homeowners devise a plan. This plan should consist of learning how to identify termites easily, training family members.

Also, how to keep the property and home termite free and learning when to call professional termite companies to inspect and eradicate the infestation.…

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10 Best Tips For A Pest Free Home


10 best tips for a pest free home

Having pests in your home is not only a nuisance, it can pose some serious health hazards. Pest faeces spread disease and food can be ruined and wasted when pests invade your home. Often by the time you notice the problem, it is already too late. If you see an insect or rat for example, this could point to a much bigger problem as pests are generally not solitary animals. It is therefore so much better to prevent the problem before it gets out of hand and you need to employ someone to deal with it.

10 best tips for a pest free home

If you find yourself with a pest situation, there are different things you could do to deal with the problem. You could use chemical insecticides or you could use more natural repellents but doing the following regularly, will help to prevent the problem in the first place. So here are the 10 best tips for keeping your home pest free.

Top 10 Tips

1. Remove debris

Small rodents and insects make their homes in dark moist places. If you allow rubbish to pile up, perfect conditions are created for these pests to breed. If these piles of rubbish are near your house. You could expect unwelcome visitors.

2. Keep your kitchen clean

Pests are attracted to food and anything left out in the kitchen is an open invitation to them. Keep surfaces clean, do not leave dishes dirty or leave crumbs or other food lying around. Check this to to know more about how to clean your kitchen clean.

3. Do seasonal checks

A lot of pests seek shelter when it gets cold. Check for cracks and small holes where pests could get in, and deal with these. Small holes in the roof or in the foundations must be repaired to keep insects and small rodents away.

4. Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed

Raccoons and squirrels use tree branches to get to the roof of your house and find a way in, so it is best to keep these branches away from the edges of your roof. Mulch, bark chips and straw make great homes for pests, so keep these away from your foundations. Store woodpiles and stacks of bricks away from the house.

5. Keep garbage bins closed

The animals which share your yard also get hungry and garbage is a great easy source of food. It is common for squirrels, raccoons and sometimes even for birds to rip open garbage bags and really make a mess. It is always advisable to keep the bin lids closed. The mess caused by one animal is also an invite for more to join in the party.

6. Windows and doors must be properly sealed

Seal cracks and openings. Insects can creep through the smallest cracks so it is wise to carefully examine the walls, windows, and doors. Seal off any holes where little critters can crawl through. Sealing cracks is also energy efficient.

7. Cover or pick up uneaten pet food pet food is also attractive to pests, your pet will not be impressed with a bowl full of ants.

8. Keep garden hoses tightly turned off

This will help to prevent a ready source of water being available for pests.

9. Change your lights

Replace standard outside lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen light bulbs. Pink or orange lights are less attractive to flying insects. If at all possible, have your outside lights placed away from the building, shining towards the door.

10. Keep the drains clear

Drains in the sink and outside can collect residue of all sorts of horrible stuff which is an ideal place for cockroaches, flies and such like to breed. Keep the drains well maintained, as not only do insects breed and spread germs, the smell is revolting.

If you are not keen on chemical insecticides and other harsh pest repellents which may be more dangerous than the pests, there are some natural remedies you could try. There are some essential oils that are unpleasant to pests and help to keep them at bay. If you mix these with pure alcohol such as vodka you can make a spray to apply around the home.

  • Citronella – keeps mosquitoes away
  • Rosemary – repels fleas and ticks
  • Peppermint and castile soap, mixed with water- will keep most insects away
  • Coffee grounds sprinkled around openings will discourage ants

pest free home

Other things to do

  • Screen mesh which is at least 200 holes per inch which you can get from home and hardware stores can be installed in window frames.
  • Store foodstuff in tightly sealed containers
  • Keep pet food bowls on a larger plate filled with water to prevent ants from infesting the food

It is important to keep your home clean to keep it …

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